Candidate Statement - Leslie Hulse


Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2011 election

Leslie Hulse - HarperCollins Publishers
I'm eager to serve the Board of the IDPF during this exciting moment of transformation for our industry. The IDPF plays a crucial role in helping all members of our industry understand the challenges we face and the ways we can work together to advance our common goals. It's important for the board to have representation from all stakeholders and as someone who has been involved with many of the key issues of trade publishing digital business development for more than ten years, I believe I can provide a valuable point of view. As a Co-Chair of the AAP Digital Issues Working Group, I've been involved with drafting the AAP letter in support of the EPUB standard that helped to drive its acceptance. For that group I've also helped to organize numerous meetings between the AAP and IDPF to increase collaboration and dialog between the two groups. I'm excited by the digital publishing opportunities made possible by EPUB 2 specification and am keenly aware of the collaborative focus that is needed to set it up for success.
Leslie Hulse is the SVP of Digital Business Development for HarperCollins Publishers where she helps develop digital strategy for HarperCollins worldwide. In addition she is Co-Chair of the Association of American Publishers' Digital Issues Working Group which is a forum for education about digital publishing. In 2009, Ms. Hulse was named one of the Top 50 Women in Book Publishing by Book Business Magazine.

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