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I have epub files with passwords over them. I want to use readium inside my .net web application so that users can read my epub files.
First does the library allow opening password protected epub files ?
Second , is there any available example on how to integrate readium into website/web app ?Should I be buying Readium JS or Readium SDK or Readium LCP?

First what I know - you don`t need to buy anything.
I have the same task, but how I see
put on your web and that`s all

But I have no idea how to show on web just epub. For that, how I can understand, ypu need JVM on site ((
If you do web with epub (not unzipped) content - explain how, please!!!

Readium does not support password-protected EPUBs. We do, via the Readium SDK, support DRM-encrypted books, but this is a fairly complex piece of engineering and the DRM pieces have to be implemented by the company or organization developing the app. It would be feasible to implement a password system for an EPUB app, but unless you encrypt the EPUB it would be fairly easy to break the protection. Feel free to contact me directly at rkwright@readium.org, if you wish.

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