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Can anyone suggest the best way to get started making eBooks? Every forum I have found, and every book recommended assumes a level of knowledge I don't yet have as an old-time print production artist. What's the best way to begin at the beginning?

Simple, but not really good results - use programs like Calibre to convert you print book draft to XHTML and EPUB.

Much better way:
Learn, what really matters for digital books within XHTML and how to write XHTML documents with a simple text editor, learn to create simple stylesheets with CSS, if you need graphics, learn how to create efficient graphics with SVG and maybe how to optimise your photos (raster images) for the web and for books.

This is something I'm particularly interested in. We have the graphics covered (as a video production company graphics is a big part of our work), but it's the XHTML that I'm have trouble picking up. Are there any particularly good resources for complete newbies?

What I would recommend (as someone with a LOT of experience doing this) is get hold of a tool like Calibre or Sigil (I prefer former) but not InDesign! Then create some simple books by pouring in some text you have (or for some ancient latin filler text).  Explore the features and formatting in Calibre.   Then export the EPUB, unzip it and look through that to see how it was put together.  Also Google for "EPUB tutorial" (e.g. see here and here)

 With these approaches you should be able to make progress.  Good luck. Come back here if you have further questions.



Thanks for the tips folks! I'm also about to create my first ebook based on my blog posts and I didn't know exactly which steps to follow. I'm trying to do a decent job, but not extremely perfect.

Andre Jones

I'm really happy to get some new info!

It is also possible to use codes for formatting in text. Have you seen the site:

Estou criando meu negócio sobre como cuidar de orquídeas em vaso acesse o site e confira essa dica sobre orquídeas.

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