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I found an issue in playing mp4 videos on apple devices.
The player works fine with every other device or browser, but it looks like that the only way I can play those embedded videos is in uploading (and reading) an uncompressed version of the epub.
So far I haven't find a solution to this problem, nor questions about it.

Any thought?

Can you provide a little more info?  What "player" are you talking about?  Which "apple devices"?  What actually happens when you play the videos?  Where did the videos come from?  Who created the EPUB?  Does the EPUB work in in iBooks?

Thanks for the answer
I'm using the cloud reader lite (the one without the library), since I don-t need it.
We tried the the reader on iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro with the latest updates from iOS.
When we try to read the epub, the video is loaded (the rotating loading icon appears), but it won't play. Even trying pushing the "play" button that appears on the devices screen it won't start.
The videos are made with a windows version of After Effects, the format is mp4, we tried with both CBR and VBR. The video plays fine if we unpack the epub, but not in a packed ".epub" file. And lastly yes, it works fine with iBooks.
One last thing, the epub was made with the last version of InDesign CC (windows version).

Here is a link to download the epub itself

thanks again

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