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Can anyone recommend a tutorial for epub 3? Or do I need to learn HTML5?

Can anyone recommend a tutorial for epub 3?

You can use HTML 5 and CSS 3 tutorials at w3schools.com as starting point and then take your study to detailed implementation of specs available at IDPF.org.

I would personally recommend finding a better site than that one. The Mozilla Developer Network is quite good, and has sub-sites dedicated to HTML5, JavaScript and CSS and various other technologies you'll be using in XHTML content document, for example.

You can check out the w3fools site for examples of why w3schools is not highly recommended. It also has a list of other resources for learning web technologies.

eBooks are increasingly gaining popularity over printed books. Despite this popularity, most eBooks are simply digital equivalents of the hardcopy publication. To increase the readers' enjoyment (and to increase sales) publishers are constantly devising new solutions and approaches to improve the 'reading experience

More rich media enhancements (audio, video)
Now based in HTML5 and CSS3
Better support for fonts, styling and languages
Javascript for interactivity
Greater ability for references and linking
Broader support for metadata

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