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Realizing this is a test implementation and all, I still feel entitled to complain... :)

It would be nice to improve the margins and/or give control over line lengths in a future update. Trying to test with Readium on a desktop is exceedingly difficult in the current single-page view, as the lines run from one side of the screen all the way across to the other. I'm struggling to keep focus as I traverse a line -- and I don't have vision problems -- and then it's a challenge to read seamlessly onto the next line when you have to pan back across (I'm getting lost in large paragraphs).

Also, it would be nice to have some ability to sort the books in the library. The auto-update appears to have jumbled up the previous order, and I can't find any way to rearrange by title or author to quickly re-locate a book.

I'll also second the weirdness going on with keyboard controls. I'm finding pages are being jumped. In the 0100 test suite document when I arrow from one page to the next I momentarily see content and then it disappears and another page loads. It looks like every second page gets skipped when I use the right/left arrow key in single-page mode, but not when I use the navigation buttons. This is in the latest Chrome on a Win7 machine.


There is a UI control (in the document-specific) settings that will invoke a synthetic spread (i.e. two up display). Or were you requesting that there be the ability to request multiple columns per page in addition?

More just wondering if greater ability to compact the display area width would be possible in single-page mode?

Not looking for multi-column or two-page spreads, but to expand the margins (or shrink the max-width of the display area) to reduce the number of characters per line. Right now the maximum setting only brings the content back maybe 5% from the outer edges (total guess, but not a lot).

If, just for example, the maximum "squashability" of the content were 25-30% on either side, it would be a lot easier to read as the characters-per-line count would be much reduced. Optimal reading line length is around 50-70 characters, but in single-page mode I get around 180 at my preferred reading font size.

I can resize the browser to get the text down to a more readable line length, which isn't the end of the world, but it's a nuisance and adds clutter to have the desktop visible behind.

My memory ain't what it used to be, but I seem to recall the old interface having a smaller reading area in single-page mode, and I'm struggling to get used to the new dimensions.

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