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Please understand that the Readium "team" is virtual, there really is no Readium team as such. I am the director of engineering, not a full time developer. The rest of the team are actually employees of other companies (plus a few volunteers and a couple of part-time consultants) who spend a part of the their time contributing to the Readium effort. Also, bear in mind that "Readium" is actually several different projects, the two main projects being the Readium Chrome Extension and the Readium SDK. More info can be found at

That said, we would love to help those of you have encountered bugs, missing features, etc. The best way to get help is to try and make it as easy as possible for us to help you. The best way to do that is:

- be as clear as you can about what problem you are having. You can't provide too much information
- provide detailed information about what version of Readium you are using, what platform, locale and so on
- if at all possible (and it is relevant), please post the EPUB that you are encountering the problem with. Without such examples, it is extremely difficult to diagnose or resolve most problems.

Ric Wright
Director of Engineering
Readium Foundation

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