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I recently came across the the guidelines for the epub3 "pagebreak" marker and have a question on whether the number refers to the previous page, or the next one (

So, if we use the example to refer to "page 24" in some way.

My question is: is this supposed to be placed between pages 23 and 24 or between page 24 and 25?

To me, the guideline is very ambiguous and some clarification would be great, (It would also be fab' if this clarification could be placed in the guide in its FAQ).

It refers to the current page that is starting. If someone wants to skip to page 24, they want to find themselves located at the start of that page's content (between page 23 and 24 as you say), not at the end of the page moving on to page 25's content.

I'll see what I can do to clarify the guide, as it's worth noting, too, that it's not tied to where the page number is printed.

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