Vanishing / Reappearing Toolbar is Super Annoying

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In case it's not clear I'm referring to the grey Readium toolbar that appears at the top of the browser window (Readium logo top left, some buttons including Library, Table of Contents, etc. in top right).

I don't mind when it's there. I don't mind when it's not there. But it appears for 5 seconds every 55 seconds on my machine and the appearing / disappearing movement distracts the eye from the text.

The human eye is designed to respond to movement so it's almost impossible to ignore and is therefore in my opinion a severe design flaw.

Is there a way to disable this? Thanks in advance for input.

This seems like a valid complaint. I am almost always "working" with the app, not just reading so I don't really notice it. I do note the iBooks only makes the toolbar re-appear when the mouse pointer is over the toolbar area or a toolbar control gets the focus. This seems like a better behaviour. We change to this behaviour, but we are very close to the next release so it may not get into the app immediately.

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