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I opened Readium application half an hour ago and found that all my ebooks were disappeared. How did it happen and how to restore them?


Pornthep P.

I am very sorry for that.  Can you provide some more info?  Were you importing a book? Or simply opening the app?  What version of the app is it?  2.18.1?  What version of Chrome? What OS are you running on?

Let me answer each question as follows:
1. Yes, I import EPUB file to Readium
2. Readium version is 2.18.1 (current)
3. Chrome version is 42.0.2311.135 m
4. OS version is Windows XP Professional 2002 SP3


Hello Pornthep,
are you able to privately share the EPUB that resulted in corrupting the Readium Chrome extension's ebook library?
I am a Readium developer, my email address is
Thank you, and sorry about this brutal bug!
Regards, Daniel

Hello again Pornthep,
was your corrupted / empty ebooks library a result of *adding* an EPUB (i.e. did the bug occur *during* the import), or did you just open the Chrome extension with existing books inside it?

Hi Daniel,

I'm glad to reach the right person for this issue. Let's me give you more information.
1. It happened at the time that I clicked Redium to start accessing. Normally, the screen will show all ebooks that had been imported. However, this time, there was nothing left on the screen
2. I am not clear on your first advice on Chrome extension's ebook library. Please help specify path and files that I can send to you.
3. Normally, I have Readium icon in path chrome://apps/ along with other Google application like GMail, Google Drive. Whenever having epub file, I will import/add to Readium and read it from there.
4. I found file:readium-all.js with the last update was April 30th. Is it the library file?
If you need me to feed more information, please let me know. Thanks for your swift help.
Regards, Pornthep

@pornthep,  Daniel and I are just trying to be very clear on what exactly happened.  From your comment, it appears that all you did was to launch (i.e. start) the Readium Chrome Extension and when it was fully started, your library was empty.  You were NOT in the process of importing a NEW book, just opening the app in the normal manner?


Hello Pornthep,
1) okay thank you very much for the clarification.
2) ignore my original EPUB request, because of your clarification at (1) it seems that no particular ebook was responsible for the missing library problem.
3) sounds good.
4) by "library" we meant the ebook "shelf" :)
Regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel,
1. After having "blank" screen on Readium, I can import any epub file as normal.
2. Is it possible to recover those e-books? I found some files with the last update on.
3. I had captured the relevant remaining files and sent to your email.
Regards, Pornthep

Hi Daniel,
Are we able to recover those lost e-books?

Regrettably, not at this time.  There is a way we might write a tool to do so, but it is not trivial and we don't have the resources for it at this time.  To be honest, we are stumped as to what happened, but we do not test (or validate) Windows XP so there are several possibilities.

So unfortunately, you will need to re-import the books into your bookshelf.

So I started a new forum on this one without checking further in - my apologies.

This is happening at a school with Chrome Books. (The EXACT same problem). The books are still there because they were downloaded to the Downloads folder, but sometimes both Readium and the books disappear. (It is intermittent however, happening randomly rather than regularly on one machine - I tend to lean "user error" if that was the case, but since it isn't I'm wondering if it's a bug? Any further movement on this?

Unfortunately, we do not formally support ChromeBooks at the moment.  Let me look into this if I can.

Ric Wright

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