Trying to create a large, complex dictionary

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Struggling to get a large EPUB dictionary to work. This dictionary has 40,000+ entries and includes much cross referencing, quotes, and source material. Currently, I've approached it by 'chunking' the main entry files into volumes by alpha index (i.e., 26 volumes). These are tagged with section epub:type=dictionary, with child articles/dfn, etc. Additionally, there is a bibliography as well as 'subject' cross reference files that list entries by subject. If I could find a way to create a lookup link, I could remove the subject files in lieu of lookup results. Trouble is, it's difficult to test any hypothesis because I can't seem to get a reader to implement the dictionary according to what the spec seems to indicate. I don't know if this is because I haven't tried the right reader (so far tried Digital Editions 4.5, IBooks), I've done some tagging incorrectly in the package or in the content files, or just the sheer size (1.2G+) of the combined content.

Open to any suggestions for what to try next.

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