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I need advice getting Readium CloudReader working on our site. I compiled and installed cloud-reader. The link to the reader appears to be working but it is not finding the content, a single sample book. The Readium library page is blank, with just the black menu background and the white background.

You can see the problem directly by going to our home page: (A work in progress.) The bottom most link, “Click here to read/listen on your browser” takes you to the Readium library page but the single book content does not appear. I have put the epub_content directory in the cloud-reader directory and the expanded Epub files below that: The book passes the latest epubcheck.

Here is the entry in our epub_content/epub_library.opds file.

<title>Pride and Prejudice</title>
<name>Louisa May Alcott</name>
<link type="image/jpeg" href="PnP_sample/OEBPS/images/Pride_and_Prejudice.jpg"
<link type="application/epub" href="PnP_sample"



One other bit of information: Readium was built on a local Ubuntu machine and uploaded to the GoDaddy server.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I can see the OPDS:

The META-INF/container.xml resolves too (pride and prejudice sample):

...and the official Readium cloud reader app (latest build from the develop branch) loads the EPUB fine: well as the OPDS:

(as I remarked in my previous comment, the book cover image seems to be missing)

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