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I want to add the notes option(like tooltip) in EPUB file. Please let me know whether EPUB file format will support this feature or not. Purpose of this notes option is to add some description about my understanding.

The specification doesn't require behaviours, so you have to work with what reading systems provide.

EPUB 3 has noteref/note and annoref/annotation semantics now (see, for example, Liz Castro's blog about Apple's support), but what a reading system does with these is up to the developers (Readium currently doesn't do anything special and I'm not sure if any others do). It would be best to lay out the content for visual presentation if you use this functionality, since the behaviour can't be anticipated.

And, of course, you could roll your own js/css functionality, with the standard caveat that JavaScript support isn't guaranteed even in EPUB 3 and you'd need to do some extensive testing on various platforms.

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