EPUB Registry of Publication Types

5 April 2014

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This document defines the set of IDPF-recognized types for use in the dc:type element in Package Document metadata.

This document is informative and is not tied to a particular version of the EPUBĀ® specification.

Revision Policy

This document is subject to change at any time as new identifiers are established by the EPUB community. The types defined herein will never be removed, but may be deprecated.

Requests for additions must be made through the EPUB 3 Revision Tracker.

Publication Types

Identifies that the EPUB Publication represents an index. Refer to the EPUB Indexes specification for more information.
preview [draft]
Identifies that the EPUB Publication is only a preview of a work. Refer to the EPUB Previews specification for more information.
widget [draft]
Identifies that the EPUB Publication is a Widget. Refer to EPUB Widget Packaging and Integration for more information.