Antitrust Policy to be Read at IDPF Meetings


It is the policy of the International Digital Publishing Forum ("IDPF") to comply strictly with all laws that relate to the conduct of its activities, including all antitrust laws. All IDPF board members have familiarized themselves with the IDPF "Antitrust Policy and Guidelines," and have agreed to conduct all IDPF sponsored meetings and activities in strict accordance with these Guidelines.   Discussions at this meeting, and all other IDPF related meetings, will focus solely on the legitimate purposes of IDPF.


Today's meeting will follow the written agenda.


The consequences of violating the antitrust laws can be serious to IDPF, its members, and individuals representing the member companies. Violations of the federal antitrust laws may be felonies, which can subject an individual to substantial monetary fines and to imprisonment, and can subject the IDPF or member companies to monetary fines, civil liability for treble damages, and to injunctions that could impair a company’s ability to compete effectively.  Thus, out of an abundance of caution, if today's discussion appears to implicate, to any degree, any of the proscribed topics outlined in IDPF's Antitrust Guidelines, such discussion shall be terminated immediately.  Any questions about the propriety of a discussion should be raised immediately.