International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)

Membership Agreement
(approved by Board of Directors
October 13, 2005)

1.�� ����� IDPF membership benefits include:

        Attend International Digital Publishing Forum meetings and conferences at discounted member rates.

        Obtain surveys, industry reports and data exclusive to IDPF Members

        Network and make connections with leading publishers, technologists, librarians, retailers and advocates of the electronic publishing industries.

        Vote on IDPF leadership, technical specifications, and proposed standards that will affect our industry.

        Opportunity to run for Board of Directors and hold leadership positions in standards Working Groups and trade related Special Interest Groups

        Access resources only available to members including participating in discussions on issues facing the electronic publishing industry through, IDPF group meetings, and email lists

        Access to the IDPF membership directory.

2.�������� All Members, via the IDPF website, shall be provided access to current and updated versions of the Bylaws of the International Digital Publishing Forum Policies and Procedures, and the IDPF Intellectual Property Policy for Members.   The Member, including individual IDPF participants, agree to abide by and be bound to the terms and conditions of the IDPF Bylaws, IDPF Policies and Procedures, and the IDPF Intellectual Property Policy for Members in their current form and as amended from time-to-time. 

        IDPF Bylaws��������������������������������������� ����������� ����������� Click to review

        IDPF Policies & Procedures ��������������������������� ����������� Click to review

        IDPF Antitrust Policy and Guidelines���� ����������� Click to review

        IDPF Intellectual Property Policy��������������������� ����������� Click to review

3.�� Member agrees to keep its company and representative contact information current and timely report any changes to the International Digital Publishing Forum.

4.�� Member agrees to pay applicable dues and renewal fees.


5.�������� This Agreement shall be deemed duly executed and delivered by or on behalf of Member, by clicking �I agree�, by Member or Member�s duly authorized representative, or accompanied by electronic mail originating from such person contain the indication of acceptance of this agreement by or on behalf of Member.


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