EPUB for Education Profile

Editor's Draft 2016-02-11

A new editor's draft was published that formally changes the name of the profile from EDUPUB to EPUB for Education.

Draft Specification 2015-07-23

The EDUPUB Profile and Structural Semantics Vocabulary have been elevated to formal Draft Specification standing by the IDPF Board. Issues addressed in this revision can be viewed on the github tracker.

The following EDUPUB-related specifications were also elevated to Draft Specifications:

Also introduced with this release are two samples from Cambridge University Press that include rich content (assessments, audio and video).

Sixth Editor's Draft 2015-01-15

The sixth Editor's Draft of the EDUPUB profile is now available at http://www.idpf.org/epub/profiles/edu/spec/edupub-20150115.html.

This revision focused primarily on adding more samples – in addition to the structure sample, a linear algebra sample was added, as well as an excerpt from the World Cultures and Georgraphy textbook.

Reading System support for mulitple rendition EPUBs in Reading Systems was made mandatory, and few missing examples were added to the EDUPUB Structural Semantics vocabulary.

New editor's drafts of the following specifications that the EDUPUB profile leverages have also been released today:

Fifth Editor's Draft 2014-11-27

The fifth Editor's Draft of the EDUPUB profile is now available at http://www.idpf.org/epub/profiles/edu/spec/edupub-20141127.html.

The primary change in this revision was to recommend the use of RDFa Lite for semantic enrichment. The EDUPUB Structure Sample was also updated, and the source moved to the IDPF github repository.

Minor editorial changes were made to the companion EDUPUB Structural Semantics vocabulary.

Fourth Editor's Draft 2014-10-10

The fourth Editor's Draft of the EDUPUB profile is now available at http://www.idpf.org/epub/profiles/edu/spec/edupub-20141010.html.

The Sample CSS was updated during this revision to include all classes identified earlier in development. Equivalent styling based on use of the epub:type attribute was also added, where applicable.

In addition, Section 4.3, dealing with headings and titles, was updated to clarify how untitled sections factor into the determination of the correct ranked heading to use for nested sections.

Third Editor's Draft 2014-09-08

The third Editor's Draft of the EDUPUB profile is now available at http://www.idpf.org/epub/profiles/edu/spec/edupub-20140908.html.

The primary new addition in this iteration is the addition of guidelines for teacher editions and guides.

Second Editor's Draft 2014-05-28

The second Editor's Draft of the EDUPUB profile is now available at http://www.idpf.org/epub/profiles/edu/spec/edupub-20140528.html.

The companion EDUPUB Structural Semantics specification is available at http://www.idpf.org/epub/profiles/edu/structure/

Initial Editor's Draft 2014-02-05

An initial editor's draft is now available at http://www.idpf.org/epub/profiles/edu/spec/edupub-20140205.html.

This draft does not yet reflect the consensus of the working group, but is being made available to guide discussions.

Pearson IDPF Member Submission 2013-11-15

As part of its business transformation strategy to standards based, digital-first content creation workflows, Pearson is developing EPUB3 output profiles for educational content. To encourage open standards across our industry Pearson is submitting to the IDPF one of these output profiles - EDUPUB - as the basis for an educational profile for EPUB3. In doing so Pearson hopes to provide a standard that any publisher, vendor, and content distributor can embrace and contribute to.

The IDPF Member Submission consists of two documents:

O'Reilly IDPF Member Submission 2014-01-21

O’Reilly Media has developed HTMLBook as an specification for the authoring and production of both print and digital books via semantically rich XHTML5. HTMLBook adheres to the following principles:

O’Reilly is submitting HTMLBook to EDUPUB for consideration as its EPUB 3 profile. We believe it can serve the needs of educational publishers, as well as any other publishers looking for a structured, semantic, XHTML5-based content model for their digital assets.

HTMLBook GitHub home page: https://github.com/oreillymedia/HTMLBook

HTMLBook Specification: https://github.com/oreillymedia/HTMLBook/blob/master/specification.asciidoc

HTMLBook XML Schema: https://github.com/oreillymedia/HTMLBook/blob/master/schema/htmlbook.xsd

HTMLBook Samples: https://github.com/oreillymedia/HTMLBook/tree/master/samples

HTMLBook XSL stylesheets for generating ebook outputs from an HTMLBook source document: https://github.com/oreillymedia/HTMLBook/tree/master/htmlbook-xsl