Digital Publishing Standards

The first version of the Open eBook Publication Structure (OeBPS) developed by members of the IDPF (originally OeBF) was developed and published to the public as an open, royalty-free standard in 1999. Since then two versions of the specification have been published, the latest in 2002. OeBPS is primarily used by publishers to cost-effectively create electronic publications and has dramatically increased the amount of content in the distribution chain and into the hands of consumers. Current work related to this specification centers around a container format for these files so that content creators can easily broadcast their digital content to distributors, retailers and ultimately consumers.

Additionally, IDPF Working Groups have submitted a specification to standardize a rights expression language in DRM systems as well as to standardize metadata elements based on ONIX. Both of these efforts will smooth problems in the distribution chain for electronic content while giving consumers of eBooks better information about the products they use.

By participating in IDPF standards efforts, your company or organization will be able to communicate your requirements into the resulting specification process. Also, your representatives will have a working and first-hand knowledge of the technology included in the specification to give your company or organization a clear idea of the emerging digital publishing landscape.

Industry Contacts, Meetings & Conferences

Our members consist of academic, trade and professional publishers, hardware and software companies, digital content retailers, libraries, educational institutions, accessibility advocates and related organizations whose common goals are to advance the competitiveness and exposure of digital publishing.

The organization is comprised of Working Groups and Special Interest Groups which conduct business in their particular fields of interest. By becoming an IDPF member you have the opportunity to participate in all of these groups which hold regular teleconference calls and occasional face to face meetings. Also, as an IDPF member, you will have access to the IDPF member directory and other information including a (planned) database of vendors and solution providers that support IDPF standards.

Member Privileges

As an IDPF member you have the opportunity to run for the Board of Director when elections are called, participate in Working Groups and Special Interest Groups, vote on specifications and other important IDPF documents all contributing to the direction and future shape of the digital publishing industry.

Your organization will be listed on the IDPF website, email lists, and member directory.

IDPF is a Democratic, Membership-Driven Organization

All members of the IDPF equally have:

  • Voting privileges in the organization for specification, Board, corporate document and other important organizational votes
  • The ability lead Working Groups and Special Interest Groups
  • The ability to present charters to the Board of Directors for the creation of Working Groups
  • The ability to run for and serve on the Board of Directors 

Membership Dues

The IDPF is supported by the paying annual dues of its members. Member dues are calculated by the revenue of our member companies. First year dues are payable at time of application. Subsequent annual dues will be billed on a rolling annual basis on the month that you joined the organization. Payment can be made online by credit card, by check, or by bank transfer.

The dues structure is as follows:

Company Type Total Company Revenue Member Dues
Startup Company Under $1 million (*) $775 per year
Company Under $5 million $1295 per year
Company Between $5 million and $250 million $2250 per year
Company Between $250 million and $2 billion $3850 per year
Company Over $2 billion $5750 per year
Non-Profit Organizations -- $775 per year

To join the International Digital Publishing Forum, please fill out our Membership Application. If you have questions, please contact us at 206-451-7250 or via email.

(*) startup company rate is available to new joining members only, and is applicable only for the first two years of IDPF membership

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