Transforming Institutional Publishing: Sharing Best Practices

Meeting under the auspices of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and the Interinstitutional Digital Publishing Committee of the EU, representatives from a wide range of institutions will gather for an intensive, interactive day to share best practices in addressing the challenges and making the most of the opportunities that today's dynamic publishing ecosystem presents.

Especially for mission-driven organizations, open standards like EPUB, and the web standards on which it is based, make it possible to disseminate information more broadly and effectively than ever before. Attendees will gain invaluable insights from their peers at other institutions, as well as from the expert panelists, that can have an immediate and positive impact on their publishing initiatives.

Where: Brussels, EU Building

When: 29 June 2015, 9.30 - 17.00


Today's rapidly evolving digital publishing ecosystem offers a wealth of new modes in which to disseminate publications, documents and other information. Our multichannel world now not only accepts but expects content to be available in many forms - in print, as ebooks or apps and online.

This presents opportunities that can be especially valuable to institutional publishers (including government agencies, political, trade and charitable associations and other organizations that publish content but are not commercial publishers). It enables them to provide information that is more up-to-date, more dynamic, more interconnected and more accessible than ever before. But it also presents challenges that require rethinking and sometimes reengineering traditional systems and practices.

This conference is designed specifically to address the needs of both public and private institutional publishers. It is intended to be highly interactive, balancing presentations of best practices with discussion among presenters and the attendees, who will be a select group of institutional publishers and practitioners.

Attendees will learn about a variety of important standards and technologies, including EPUB 3, and hear how institutions, large and small, are employing them to modernize their publication processes and better support accessibility and mobile devices. Most importantly, there will be ample opportunity to openly discuss the challenges and obstacles institutions face, and learn how other institutions are addressing them.

The conference will be of value to directors, executives, and managers of institutions and their publishing operations. Attendance will be strictly limited and by invitation only. Requests for invitations should be made via

If your invitation is accepted, a nominal fee of 149 Euro inc VAT will be applicable to cover event costs. Instructions for online payment will be emailed. NOTE: EU organization staff will be exempt from this charge.


9.30-10.00    Registration and coffee

10.00-10.30  Opening Keynote speeches:

Harold Celms, Director of the Official Journals and Publications Directorate, Publications Office of the EU

Markus Gylling, Chief Technical Officer of the IDPF

Each of the panels below will consist of brief (10-15 minute) presentations by the panellists followed by an hour of open discussion among the panellists and conference attendees, guided by the moderator.

10.30-12.00  Panel 1: Workflows and Tools for the Future

Moderator:     Patricia Ruggiu, Head of Publications, Publications Office of the EU (EU OP)

Panellists:      Melanie Lauckner, Head of Production, World Health Organization (WHO)

                      Bill Kasdorf, VP and Principal Consultant, Apex; Board Member, IDPF

                      Edyta Posel-Czescik, Head of Graphic Design, premedia and multimedia, EU OP

12.00-13.00  Buffet Lunch

13.00-14.30  Panel 2: Discoverability - a big challenge for institutional publishers

Moderator:     Markus Gylling, CTO, IDPF & CTO, DAISY Consortium

Panellists:      Carlos Rossel, Publisher, The World Bank

                      Nienke van Schaverbeke, Europeana and The European Library

                      Toby Green, Head of Publishing, Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development 

14.30-15.00  Coffee break

15.00-16.30  Panel 3: How does the digital revolution enable publications to be more accessible to all end-users?

Moderator:     Harold Celms, Director of the Official Journals and Publications Directorate, EU OP

Panellists:      Cristina Mussinelli, Associazione Italiana Editori, Milan; Board Member, IDPF

                      Markus Gylling, CTO, DAISY Consortium and CTO, IDPF

                      Joint presentation by:

                      Luc Schwartz, Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) and Hedda Brasoveanu, EU OP

16.30-17.00  Closing remarks

17.00-19.00  Reception



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