Older Versions of EPUB

The key IDPF standard is EPUB┬«, the current version is EPUB 3.0.1. This web page contains information about the history of EPUB development and links to older versions of the EPUB Standard.

EPUB 2 was initially standardized in 2007 as a successor format to the Open eBook Publication Structure or "OEB", which was originally developed in 1999. A maintenance release, EPUB 2.0.1, approved in 2010, was the final release in the EPUB 2 branch.

In October, 2011, EPUB 3 superseded EPUB 2 when EPUB 3.0 was approved as a final Recommended Specification. It was superseded in June, 2014 when the current version, EPUB 3.0.1, was approved as a Final Recommended specification.

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