IDPF Board candidate: Paul Belfanti, Jones & Bartlett Learning (INCUMBENT)

May 19, 2016
Please consider my application for a renewed term on the IDPF Board of Directors. I believe that my experience as a board member these past two years positions me to make significant contributions as the board considers the merits of a combination with W3C along with other key issues related to IDPF’s ongoing mission of fostering global adoption of an open, accessible, interoperable digital publishing ecosystem. 
I am passionate about the power of standards like EPUB to be the foundation of product and service innovation that will transform the publishing landscape and enrich end-user experiences for years to come. As a driver of and evangelist for the EDUPUB Alliance, and chair of the BISG EDUPUB Work Group I have shown commitment and enthusiasm to the advancement of OWP and industry standards and will continue to collaborate on strategies that advance adoption of, and the most effective development path for, these important standards.
Thank you,
Paul Belfanti
Vice President, Production & Content Architecture
Jones & Bartlett Learning

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