IDPF Board candidate: Jacklyn (Jackie) Smith Karceski, Amnet Systems

May 31, 2016
My desire to serve on the Board of the IDPF is so that I can personally help realize our shared industry vision of interoperability and accessibility. I believe that together we can build on EPUB standards to create a dynamic, inclusive publishing environment which will serve diverse populations with both consistency and excellence.
Over the last twenty years, I have worked in technology, software development and consulting in the fields of online education, content production and accessibility, STM publishing, legal and financial services publishing, and media. In my career, I have seen slow and sometimes unsteady progress from an environment of proprietary models and processes to one of truly interoperable standards.
My various roles all included the mandate to lead the growth and innovation of the product or service from early adoption to broader market penetration by focusing on business models, usage and implementation. In each case, I championed the development of standardization and efficient workflows to engage a wider audience. Today, the publishing industry is undergoing a period of intense transformation: technology, business models, and new constituencies are all factors which need to be a part of every publisher’s strategy. Standards play an instrumental role in user experience and ability to access content.
I believe that EPUB has the power to take this transformation even farther, resulting in entirely new products and services that will enrich the global community. In addition, I see the proposed combination of the IDPF and the W3C as a confirmation of the power of EPUB, the trend toward public interoperable standards, and a future of new products and services for end users.
In my current role as the Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Business Development for Amnet-Systems, a leading publishing services provider, I aggressively champion international publishing standards and global accessibility throughout our operations and to our clients who are among the world’s top publishers.
To help drive accessibility of publishing content, I am proud to help produce the inaugural Executive Breakfast on Accessibility at Carnegie Hall in June 2016. This conference will bring together world-renowned experts from government, law, and publishing, and we have worked with these leaders to help refine the vision, explain the standards and make implementation of accessibility laws mainstream, straightforward, and practical.
I thank you in advance for your consideration of my application, and I look forward to serving my colleagues and the industry in the years to come.
I am a CPA and have a certificate from the International Economics and Public Policy Program of Harvard University. I hold an MBA from Santa Clara University and a BA in economics from the University of California, Berkeley. Most recently I headed GreenPoint Global, a business process outsourcing firm focused on the publishing, healthcare, education, and legal markets. I am committed to education, and have been dedicated to helping develop and implement standards for educational publishing and online education software and content.

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