IDPF Board candidate: Patricia (Pat) Payton, Bowker

May 31, 2016
I would like to submit my name for nomination to the IDPF Board of Directors. 
During my current tenure as Senior Manager, Provider Relations for Bowker (a ProQuest affiliate), I have served as chair, co-chair, and active member of several industry committees for BISG, AAP and BEA. Through these roles I succeeded in helping to draft changes and additions to industry standards (metadata, identifiers, and file formats), surveying the publisher community on issues relevant to our business, and creating effective educational vehicles for sharing industry knowledge.  As IDPF is going through a period of self-evaluation and potential change, I feel my skills, as demonstrated in my past leadership roles, would add value to its Board of Directors.
During this time, it is important for IDPF and its membership to validate the current vision for the organization and to evaluate options for its future strategy either as an independent organization, or part of a larger one.  A key to validating the current strategy is in knowing what the membership needs and wants from the organization. My experience within the industry, as noted above, can help the Board in communicating with both the current membership and potentially with key stakeholders who do not participate with IDPF at this time.  In addition, part of IDPF’s evaluation should include current operating procedures and costs.  Within my organization, I budget and manage operating costs, and set priorities annually for my team based on key stakeholders’ goals, operating needs, and industry trends. Furthermore, understanding current standards aids in the development of sustainable new ones.  Standards, such as ONIX, ISBN, and ISNI, are key to my daily work at Bowker and over the past year I have begun to work more collaboratively within ProQuest, which has brought in more standards into my daily work, including EPUB, KBART, and MARC. Finally, I realize the time investment necessary for board member participation and have the backing of Bowker in this endeavor.
I appreciate your consideration for my nomination.  Should you wish to contact me regarding my nomination, please feel free to do so via email at It would be an honor for me to be on this Board and contribute to the future IDPF success and I feel I would be able to make a valuable contribution to the organization and its affairs.

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