IDPF Board candidate: Daniel Potash, OverDrive

May 31, 2016
Dear fellow IDPF members,
I respectfully submit my nomination for election to the IDPF Board of Directors. I believe that my presence on the board will assist IDPF in continuing to lead the development and technical standards of the global electronic publishing industry. Furthermore, as a director I aim to bring additional focus on reviewing and responding to the many and repeated changes affecting our industry, thereby assisting our members to navigate the disruptions of policy, user expectations, and technology. I also desire the IDPF to help drive the growth and commercial success of eBooks for publishers, authors, and retailers as this will directly increase the success and penetration of EPUB worldwide.
I possess over 10 years in the eBook industry with OverDrive, Inc. and currently serve on the Product Development team. During this time I have collaborated with both new and established organizations across the globe, covering an extensive range (production to consumption) of industry topics in order to promote electronic books and digital reading. This includes:
·           Identifying and solving the needs of varied industry stakeholders (e.g., publisher, retailer, library, educational, institutional and government)
·           Developing successful content discovery and delivery workflows
·           Investigating and supporting new sales and access models
·           Understanding, highlighting, and explaining concerns related to ease-of-use and end-user expectations
·           Advocating and guiding the inclusion of accessible standards and practices in digital products and electronic content
I would also be honored in continuing OverDrive’s strong involvement and leadership with the IDPF as one of its founding members (with the IDPF’s beginnings as the Open eBook Forum), and sharing OverDrive’s vast experience and knowledge to help expand electronic publishing and promote the adoption of EPUB into new and emerging international markets.
Daniel Potash

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