IDPF Board candidate: Tzviya Siegman, Wiley

May 28, 2016
I have worked on Wiley’s digital publishing efforts since 2008. I led the way for Wiley’s adoption of EPUB 3 in multiple languages. My experience at Wiley spans professional, trade, and STEM content and includes books and journals, content and metadata. I have been actively involved in the IDPF since 2010, where I took an authoring role in Indexes, EPUB for Education, and EPUB 3.0.1. I am active in parallel organizations, including BISG and the W3C, working on initiatives such as accessible publishing and integrating EPUB into publishing and traditional publishing into the Web. As co-chair of both the W3C's Digital Publishing Interest Group and the EPUB 3.1 Working Group, I have had great success in demonstrating that EPUB 3 is an attainable goal for publishers of any size and in stretching the industry’s imagination about what is possible in this digital age. My extensive experience with both the IDPF and the W3C can help us work together to realize our vision of digital publishing. Through these relationships, I can bring context and information to the IDPF Board.
I bring a combination of tactical, can-do skills and strategic vision to IDPF. It has been said that I get things done and inspire people to do their best work. What I hope to inspire in the board of the IDPF is refining the vision for the future of EPUB and the work that we can do to get this accomplished. We can tap into and expand on what is already native to the Web and the successes of EPUB. I want to work with the IDPF Board, leadership, and membership to bring the full power and scope of the Web to digital publishing.

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