IDPF Board candidate: Ward Spangenberg, Metrodigi

May 31, 2016
Dear fellow IDPF members:
As Chief Technology Officer of Metrodigi, Inc., I am formally submitting my nomination for election to the IDPF Board of Directors.    I believe my 20 years of experience and knowledge in the technology industry will help bring fresh insight to the IDPF Board as well as continue to further the IDPF's strong stance of perpetuating EPUB extensibility and sustainability as the organization considers a merger with the W3C.
My strong and diverse technology background includes experiences ranging from building two of the first Fiber to the Home networks in the U.S. to helping design and develop software that scaled processing 100K Twitter events per day to more than 1 Billion events per day. I have not only worked at large corporations such as Uber, but also at small startups such as Zynga, where I helped scale the business.  In addition, I have been an active supporter of internet technologies with contributions to other internet standards ranging from network routing to VOIP standards. I am a regularly requested advisor to the industry for my grasp of internet-facing technologies and the struggles that are faced when implementing them at scale in disruptive environments. I have also been a published technical editor for multiple books concerning security practices, databases, and network methodologies.
As the IDPF pushes forward with standard enhancements, I am certain to bring a unique perspective to the table. My career has always reflected a significant amount of Security-related responsibilities. As our standards begin to be widely adopted, the IDPF will need to make certain that we are providing strong guidance around securing our products and technologies. I believe my expertise can help the IDPF embrace and rapidly deploy security functionality across a broad client base.
And finally, with my commitment to the education technology space, I will further evangelize the EPUB3 spec among our clients as well as push the envelope forward with development of the spec. Metrodigi has and will always be strong supporters of open standards, global adoption, and ease of implementation which are core tenets of the IDPF's mission.   Being elected to the Board of Directors would be an honor for Metrodigi as well as an opportunity for me to connect with others in the industry who are like minded.
Thank you,
Ward Spangenberg

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