EPUB 3.0

EPUB 3 was developed pursuant to a charter approved by the IDPF Membership in May, 2010. EPUB 3.0 was approved by the IDPF membership as a final Recommended Specification effective October 11, 2011, and superseded the previous release of EPUB (2.0.1)

This page contains information about EPUB 3.0 which as of as of June, 2014 has been superseded by EPUB 3.0.1, which is now the current version of the EPUB standard. 

The best starting point for learning about EPUB 3.0, including the roadmap to the specification documents, is the EPUB 3 Overview .
The full list of the individual specifications comprising EPUB 3.0 is:

An additional non-normative document describes:

And, an initially separate specification defined metadata for fixed layout EPUB Publications:


In 2014, these specifications (with the exception of the changes document) were republished by the International Standards Organization as ISO/IEC TS 30135 parts 1-7. Each of these seven ISO specifications is identical to its IDPF equivalent, for example TS-30135-1 is exactly the same content as the EPUB Overview. So, the IDPF names and ISO numbers may be used interchangeably. 

The EPUB 3.0 specification was developed by the IDPF EPUB Working Group, consisting of IDPF member representatives and Invited Experts. All Working Group activities were conducted in an "open source" manner: the EPUB 3 Working Group project site is publicly accessible and contains a source code repository for specification and related work products and a Wiki for requirements, solutions, meeting notes, etc.

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