Call for Participation: IDPF workshop on Advanced/Hybrid Fixed Layouts in EPUB (July 6 2012, Tokyo)

June 10, 2012


A workshop on Advanced/Hybrid Fixed Layouts in EPUB will be held on July 6 2012 in Tokyo Japan and via Web / conference call (details TBD). All IDPF members are invited to participate (see RSVP information below for physical attendance). The primary goal of the workshop is to develop a statement of work, including an outline of a potential new Working Group charter, for EPUB support for a related set of use cases for advanced fixed-layout publications, primarily focused on multiple renditions (.epub files that contain multiple root files / package documents). Specific areas of concern include rendition selection, rendition mapping, and intra/inter-page navigation.
Preliminary Agenda:
1. Overview of EPUB 3 Fixed-Layout Metadata and recap of discussions to date on rendition selection/mapping.
2. Demonstration and explanation of EPUB and related applications that support advanced fixed-layout functionality
o   Shueisha (Open Manga Format)
o   Barnes & Noble (fixed layout w/ reflow article view)
o   Fujifilm
o   Others TBD
3. Discussion of requirements and use cases for advanced fixed-layout functionality (rendition selection, rendition mapping, intra/inter-page navigation)
4. Elaboration of potential working group charter outline and determination of next steps (e.g. formation of Ad Hoc Group to complete a draft working group charter).
Date: 6 July Friday, 2012
Time: 10:00 – 17:00 Tokyo time [UTC 01:00 - UTC 08:00]
Venue: Fujifilm meeting room at Mid Town, Roppongi
Chair: Marcus Gylling (CTO, IDPF)
Co-Chair: Makoto Murata (Subgroup Coordinator, Global Language Support, EPUB 3.0 Working Group)
Organizer: Tatsuo Kobayashi (Board Director, IDPF)
Meeting Secretary: Setsuko Sato (JEPA)
To request to physically attend the workshop please email Ms. Sato ( ) by June 21 with your name and affiliation. If you intend to attend remotely (but not present a solution) there is no need to RSVP at this time. Web/conference details will be announced on Wiki when confirmed.
The room capacity is limited to 40 persons so we encourage organizations to consider limiting physical attendance to one person. Attendees should plan to contribute to the working meeting: this is not an informational/educational session.
On July 4 the IDPF will hold a half-day EPUB 3 conference during eBook Expo Tokyo: this seminar will include information on the recently standardized EPUB 3 Fixed Layout support ( )  and other topics. If you are primarily interested in learning more about EPUB 3 please attend the EPUB 3 seminar on July 4 rather than this working meeting on July 6. The conference program is available at: (English) (Japanese).
Light lunch will be provided, sponsored by JEPA. Dress and meeting facilitation is casual. English is the primary language of IDPF working groups, but at this workshop there will be some Japanese-language presentations and/or Q&A. These will be translated to English for the convenience of all attendees.
IDPF thanks Fujifilm and JEPA for their sponsorship and assistance with this workshop.

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