Call for review: second public draft of EPUB Indexes specification

November 11, 2013

On November 7, 2013 the IDPF Board of Directors unanimously approved publication of a second Public Draft of EPUB Indexes 1.0. EPUB Indexes, developed by the EPUB Indexes Working Group, defines a consistent way of encoding the structure and content of indexes in EPUB Publications. Reading Systems can exploit this encoding to offer not only the benefits of a print index but also interactive functionality and features not possible in a print book. The draft specification is available at: .  Comments on the second draft specification are solicited through December 3, 2013. IDPF members may submit comments via the EPUB WG mailing list. Members and non-members are also welcome to submit comments via email to the working group co-chair Michele Combs ( According to IDPF policies, the next steps in the approval process after Public Draft would be for the Board to elevate a potentially revised specification to Proposed Draft for a final member review (including Intellectual Property review), followed by a member vote to approve as a final Recommended Specification.


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