Candidates Solicited for IDPF Board

November 16, 2015
The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) Board of Directors Nominating Committee is soliciting candidates for Director positions for the coming year.  The IDPF Board represents member interests in developing the vision and strategic plan for the organization and providing oversight and guidance to staff and volunteers carrying out the work of the organization. 
Being a board member of the IDPF entails a commitment of responsibility and time. The Board and executive staff currently meet monthly via teleconference, and usually twice a year in a face-to-face meeting. Board time and expenses are not reimbursed. Prospective members should be leaders in their organizations and  have a clear understanding of one or more segments of the digital publishing industry. Familiarity with EPUB and related technologies is helpful; however specific technical expertise is not required. Board meetings are conducted in English with accommodations for non-native English speakers. Remote meetings are scheduled to facilitate participation across multiple time zones.
Interested parties should send a candidate statement by December 11 to To be eligible, an individual must be or become the primary representative of an IDPF member organization. Typically, a candidate statement would include a brief biography, and potentially reasons for running for the position and/or general vision or ideas for the IDPF.
In this cycle, severn of fourteen seats on the IDPF Board will be elected to two-year terms. The Nominating Committee and IDPF Board anticipates recommending to the membership a slate of candidates. The slate will be selected to foster a diverse board  in the interest of providing representation across our global organization with members from all parts of the value chain. A subsequent call for open nominations will be made and elections are anticipated to begin during January.
The current IDPF Board Nominating Committee is comprised of board members Angela Bole (chair), Graham Bell, George Kerscher, and Cristina Mussinelli.

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