Comment Period Underway for Proposed Advanced/Hybrid Layout Working Group

October 5, 2012

Following the IDPF workshop on advanced/hybrid fixed layout that was held in Tokyo on July 6 2012, an ad hoc group has drafted a working group charter proposal, and the IDPF Board has called a member comment period, which will be from October 5 through October 19, 2012.  The proposed Advanced/Hybrid Layouts working group would be chartered to publish a set of modular specifications to extend EPUB 3 functionality to better meet the full needs of the ecosystem with regards to user and context adaptation and reading of image-centric publications such as comics and magazines. These specifications would go beyond the standardization of basic fixed-layout metadata that was completed earlier this year (in: ), and pertain to both fixed-layout documents, reflowable documents, and hybrids between the two.

The charter proposal is Comments should be submitted to IDPF CTO Markus Gylling at .
 Comments received will be reviewed by the ad-hoc group and IDPF Board and the subsequent step would be for a revised version of the proposal to be approved by the IDPF Board for submission to members for a consent vote to approve working group creation.

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