Drafts Charters of W3C Publishing Business Group, EPUB 3 Community Group Available

December 22, 2016

As part of work towards implementing the plan to combine IDPF with W3C, proposed initial charters have been drafted for the anticipated new W3C Publishing Business Group  and W3C EPUB 3 Community GroupThese drafts were prepared in collaboration with co-chairs of the IDPF EPUB Working Group and W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group, together with IDPF and W3C leadership. They may be further refined, but we would like to solicit comments now, as input to that process, from all IDPF and W3C members and others in the publishing community. Note that the intention is only to have "starter" charters in place at the time the combination is effective (anticipated to be in January, 2017): once these new groups are operating they may, and likely will, choose to further revise their charters as part of establishing their own processes and work plans.

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