EPUB 3 Fixed Layout Metadata Finalized

March 15, 2012

On March 13, 2012 the IDPF Board of Directors unanimously approved elevation of EPUB 3 Fixed Layout Documents to be an IDPF Informational Document. This specification, produced by the EPUB 3 Working Group, defines a set of metadata properties to allow declarative expression of intended rendering behaviors of fixed-layout documents in the context of EPUB 3. It also defines mechanisms to express the intended rendering dimensions.

No new syntactical constructs were defined, only a set of metadata properties and meta tags as per existing extensible mechanisms in EPUB 3 and dependent specifications. This specification is now complete and recommended for immediate implementation by EPUB 3 Reading Systems. Three samples of EPUB 3 publications conformant with Fixed Layout Documents are available via the EPUB 3 Samples open source project, and more samples will be made available imminently (subscribe to the download feed to be auto-notified).

The IDPF Board would like to note with appreciation the efforts of editors Markus Gylling (IDPF) and Dave Cramer (Hachette), and authors Takeshi Kanai (Sony), Peter Sorotokin (Adobe), Roger Webster (Barnes & Noble), James Lester (Barnes & Noble), Brady Kroupa (Barnes & Noble), Garth Conboy (Google), Brady Duga (Google), MURATA Makoto (JEPA), Edward O’Connor (Apple), Luc Audrain (Hachette Livre), Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks).

Announcements will be forthcoming soon via the EPUB 3 Working Group mailing list about Ad Hoc Group work to draft a working group charter to pursue development of rendition selection and mapping mechanisms as a next phase of work in this area.



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