EPUB 3 Support a Highlight of eBook Expo Tokyo Conference

July 9, 2012

On July 4 the IDPF's first major Asian event, an EPUB 3 conference at eBook Expo Tokyo, attracted nearly 400 attendees. Rakuten Group Manager Ren Ando underscored Rakuten's commitment to EPUB 3 as a key global standard, explaining that Rakuten-Kobo's new Japanese eBook store, to go live later this month, would exclusively support EPUB 3. IDPF CTO Markus Gylling along with representatives of Voyager Japan, ACCESS and ATDO demonstrated publicly for the first time vertical writing and other Japanese typography features in the IDPF-sponsored open source Readium project. EPUB author and production expert Liz Castro demonstrated support for EPUB 3 Media Ovlerays in Readium and Apple iBooks. Other speakers at the half-day event, which was moderated by Voyager Japan CEO Masaaki Hagino, included executives and technologists from leading companies including Hiraku Inoue of Sony and Yukata Tashiro and Masashi Okamoto of SHUEISHA.  A panel discussion featured representatives from Japanese publishing associations including  AEBS (Association for E-publishing Business Solutions), EBPAJ (Electronic Book Publishers Association of Japan), and JEPA (Japanese Electronic Publishing Association). Complementing the IDPF conference were several other IDPF activities during the umbrella Tokyo International Book Fair including IDPF Executive Director Bill McCoy's participation in a keynote panel that included Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani and Kodansha CEO Yoshinobu Noma, that drew well over 2,000 attendees (standing room only). Focused seminars on the Readium open source project and on EPUB 3 accessibility during the trade show, both headlined by IDPF CTO Markus Gylling, drew over 200 attendees each (also standing room only).

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