EPUB 3.0 Published as ISO Technical Specification

December 21, 2014

EPUB 3.0 was recently published by the International Standards Organization as ISO/IEC TS 30135 (parts 1-7).  EPUB 3.0 was submitted to ISOi/IEC JTC 1 SC34 (Joint Technical Committee 1, Subcommittee 34, Document description and processing languages) by the government of South Korea, in cooperation with the IDPF. During the by-country voting and subsequent ballot resolution process, several dozen minor specification issues with EPUB 3.0 reported by ISO experts have been resolved in the latest revision of EPUB, EPUB 3.0.1, which recently became the current version of the EPUB Standard. The IDPF anticipates continued collaboration with ISO, with the expectation to submit to JTC 1 a forthcoming EPUB 3.1 update as a prospective full International Standard. A Joint Working Group (JWG) for EPUB has been formed, presently including the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC34, ISO TC 46/SC4 and IEC TC 100/TA 100 committees.

"IDPF is delighted with the active collaboration with ISO that has led to publication of EPUB 3.0 as ISO TS 30135, as well as improvements in EPUB 3.0.1" said George Kerscher, President of IDPF and Secretary-General of the DAISY Consortium. "An ISO designation for the EPUB Standard will further aid global adoption of EPUB, which is designed to deliver on key accessibility mandates".

"Korea NB has made concerted efforts to promote EPUB 3, including approval of EPUB 3 as Korean National Standard at the end of 2012 to support tbe digital textbook policy of the Ministry of Education, prior to submission as an ISO TS" said co-convenors of EPUB Joint Working Group (JWG), Dr. Sam Oh (Prof., Sungkyunkwan University) and Dr. Yong-Sang Cho. (Principal Researcher, Korea Education & Research Information Service - KERIS -  a branch of Korea Ministry of Education). "Korea's digital textbook helped launch the EDUPUB alliance, and Korean stakeholders have continuously strived to improve EPUB standards for more interactive teaching and  learning environment based on digital textbook. We  firmly believe that EPUB will be adopted more widely and considered as a de-jure  standard, and look forward to collaboration with IDPF in the new Joint Working Group". 

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