EPUB 3.0.1, EPUB Indexes Now Proposed Specifications

March 11, 2014
The IDPF Board recently approved working group recommendations to advance the specifications of EPUB 3.0.1 and EPUB Indexes to Proposed Specification status. A final member and public review and comment period for both of these specifications will be open through April 30, after which the final step according to IDPF policies would be a member vote to approve as Recommended Specifications. EPUB Indexes, developed by the IDPF Indexes Working Group, defines a consistent way of encoding the structure and content of indexes in EPUB Publications. Reading Systems can exploit this encoding to offer not only the benefits of a print index but also interactive functionality and features not possible in a print book. EPUB 3.0.1 is a minor maintenance release update to EPUB 3.0, developed by the umbrella IDPF EPUB Working Group. It incorporate a number of corrections to errors and omissions, and updates normative references to the latest versions of dependent specifications, as detailed in http://www.idpf.org/epub/301/spec/epub-changes.html
IDPF members may submit comments on either specification via the EPUB Working Group mailing list.  Regarding EPUB 3.0.1, members and non-members are also welcome to submit comments  via the EPUB specifications issue tracker or via email to the EPUB working group co-chair. The issue tracker is also a useful source of background information on the motivation for specific changes, as is the EPUB WG wiki.  Regarding EPUB Indexes,  members and non-members are welcome to submit comments via email to the Indexes working group co-chair.

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