EPUB 3.1 Revision Kicks Off - Soliciting Member Feedback on Deprecations

November 16, 2015
Work on the EPUB 3.1 revision kicked off on Oct. 8-9 with an initial F2F meeting in NYC, Over 30 participants attended, not including many who dialed in remotely, and the EPUB Working Group is now holding weekly conference calls to continue the discussions, with breakout sub-teams working on key priorities. As part of the work-plan, there is consideration of potentially deprecating several specialized EPUB constructs that have not been widely adopted, in order to simplify EPUB specifications and improve alignment of EPUB with the broader Open Web Platform. To help the Working Group better understand the current situation, IDPF members who produce EPUB content are invited to complete a short survey by December 15. Aggregate results of the survey will be a key input to the EPUB 3.1 process, so your feedback is very important to us. All IDPF members are also invited to participate in the EPUB 3.1 revision and other IDPF standards development activities (join the umbrella EPUB WG Google Group here, indicating your member organization affiliation if not part of your email address).

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