EPUBcheck 1.1 Released

January 11, 2011

EpubCheck, the open-source tool widely used for checking and testing EPUB files, has been updated to release 1.1.  The release is available on http://code.google.com/p/epubcheck/

Threepress sponsored the following fixes:

  • Error message generated for valid ISO8601 date [BUG]
    Dates with timestamps were being incorrectly flagged as invalid.
  • Checking for unused files which are not in the manifest [ENHANCEMENT]
    EpubCheck will now issue a warning if files are in the package that are not in the manifest or META-INF.
  • Existence of files referenced in guide not checked [BUG]
  • Valildation problems with guide and fragment identifiers [BUG]

The unmanifested file warning in particular has been a critical issue for publishers working in the EPUB ecosystem, as some retailers require that only manifested files be included in the package.

The date issue has also been problematic for EPUB files generated out of tools like Calibre that produce dates with timestamps in them.

The web-based Threepress validator will be updated to epubcheck 1.1 shortly.

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