IBM EPUB Adoption Quote Sheet

 “AAP looks forward to the forthcoming IDPF/IBM white paper, which we believe will be a positive reinforcement of the work of our EPUB 3 Implementation Project cross-industry partnership created last year. The member publishers of AAP believe that broad adoption of EPUB 3 will offer countless benefits for all those who read, use, create, produce, distribute and publish content.  In particular, educators will have the ability to incorporate more feature-rich and interactive materials which will be inherently accessible to all students, including those with print disabilities.  We look forward to this collaboration and to the resulting white paper, which should bring more valuable insight to our community.” 

-        Edward McCoyd, Executive Director for Digital, Environmental and Accessibility Affairs, The Association of American Publishers

“IMS Global Learning Consortium greatly appreciates IBM’s leadership in developing and deploying a new generation of open standards for educational content and applications. EPUB3 and the recent EDUPUB collaboration among IMS, IDPF and W3C will provide the cross-platform, accessible foundation that is required for the education sector.”

-        Rob Abel, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer, IMS Global Learning Consortium:

"Since our inception, the DAISY Consortium has focused on making knowledge and information accessible to persons who are blind and print disabled. One example of this focus is our contribution to the development of the EPUB Standards. IBM's announcement supporting Accessible EPUB 3 as the default distribution mechanism will immediately impact the adoption of Inclusive Publishing techniques around the world. All governments, business, and educational institutions should embrace Inclusive publishing techniques to help bring persons with disabilities into the Information Age. We applaud this move by IBM to use the EPUB Standard which is accessible, portable, and re- flows content to any size screen making it perfect for mobile devices and desktop computers."

-        George Kerscher, Secretary General for the DAISY Consortium

“Accessibility of electronic books is essential for ensuring access to information, education, employment, and entertainment for people with disabilities. EPUB 3 is based on accessibility-supporting W3C standards, including HTML5, WAI-ARIA, CSS, MathML, and SVG, as well as standards from IDPF. W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) works to ensure that accessibility support is built into all W3C standards, allowing flexible support for a broad range of disabilities. W3C welcomes IDPF and IBM's commitment to expanded implementation of these W3C technologies through EPUB 3, and their efforts to promote equal access to digital books.”

-        Judy Brewer, Director of the Web Accessibility Initiative at W3C.

"As a book and journal publisher that has been actively using DITA to produce sophisticated EPUB content for 18 months, we are excited about IBM making EPUB their primary deliverable format. We look forward to the best practices we can learn from IBM and the benefits that IBM’s commitment to EPUB production brings to the DITA and EPUB communities.”

-        Steven Calderwood, Director, Content Engineering and Digital Delivery Human Kinetics

“The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) applauds IBM for publically acknowledging the importance of the EPUB 3 standard and the value of its accessibility attributes.  With the decision to use the EPUB 3 format in its document distribution procedure, IBM will lead the information technology industry toward the ultimate goal of inclusive publishing.  EPUB 3 is a robust standard that moves us significantly closer to eradicating access barriers for the blind in both enterprise and educational environments.  The NFB urges all leading companies in the information technology industry to join IBM in taking a stand for accessibility and to adopt the EPUB 3 standard.”

-        Mark A. Riccobono, M.S.ed, Executive Director, Jernigan Institute, National Federation Of The Blind

"RSI built DITA-based digital delivery into our enterprise content management system for publishers, RSuite CMS, IBM's focus on DITA and EPUB validates our focus in that area and is an exciting development for the DITA and publishing community. We all benefit as leading organizations like IBM invest in knowledge, tools, and best practices for DITA and EPUB."

-        Lisa Bos, CTO and Co-founder of RSI Content Solutions, creators of RSuite CMS

“Benetech is excited to see corporations, such as IBM, adopt EPUB 3 as a document format that can provide equal access and professional development opportunities to all their employees.  Benetech has been working closely with the IDPF, publishers, and others to enable a world in which all "born digital" content is also "born accessible."  We welcome IBM to the community of organizations that is helping to make that vision a reality.  In order to better meet the needs of 280,000 students with print disabilities, Benetech's Bookshare service is an early adopter of EPUB 3 and the technologies coming from the Readium Foundation.”

-        Gerardo Capiel, VP Engineering, Benetech

“The evolution of the EPUB standard means that electronic books in that format will be accessible for people who are blind or visually impaired. We applaud IBM for making the switch to EPUB to ensure all of its customers, including those with vision loss, can easily access materials on tablets, smartphones, computers and other devices.”

-        Paul Schroeder, Vice President, Programs and Policy American Foundation for the Blind

“There is a strong affinity between EPUB and the OASIS DITA Standard. For EPUB publishers, DITA provides the benefits of a component model that allows authors to easily reuse content, prepare it for translation, and make it accessible. For DITA authors, EPUB provides an accessible and interactive delivery format that has the potential to directly leverage many of DITA's features, including quizzes and MathML support.”

-        Laurent Liscia, CEO of OASIS

“Knowbility is pleased to congratulate IBM on their decision to support EPUB as the company’s primary packaged portable document format and to thank them for their continued leadership in the creation and support of accessible digital technology.  For more than 15 years, Knowbility has advocated for the provision of flexible content that can be repurposed to different media and meet the needs of users all along the spectrum of abilities.  EPUB fulfills those needs and IBM's adoption of the EPUB format demonstrates once again IBM's commitment to equal digital access for all.  Bravo!”

-        Sharron Rush, Executive Director,

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