IDPF 2013 Focus: EPUB 3 Adoption

February 26, 2013

Digital publishing has come a long way in the last two years, wtih eBooks now outselling hardcovers. EPUB has been a key standard at the heart of the eBook revolution. EPUB 3, which converges digital publishing with HTML5 and modern Web Standards, and delivers robust accessibility and global language support, is a monumental update to the standard. The roll-out of solutions adopting EPUB 3 continues, with reading systems such as Apple iBooks, Kobo, Google Play Books, and Ingram VitalSource already supporting EPUB 3, and publishers such as Hachette and O'Reilly starting to distribute EPUB 3 content. For 2013, the top priority of the IDPF is to accelerate the continued adoption of EPUB 3 by the industry as a whole, with a particular emphasis on e-textbooks and other publications that are being enabled by the proliferation of tablets and benefit from the new features of EPUB 3 (rich media, interactivity, enhanced styling, fixed layout, mathematics). Work continues to enhance the EPUB standard: member working groups are actively developing new specifications for dictionaries, indexes, and advanced/hybrid layout. But the primary goal of the IDPF during 2013 is very focused: get EPUB 3 broadly and fully adopted. A unified, interoperable global standard for eBooks and other digital publications is critical to the industry and consumers, and the IDPF is fully engaged to deliver on the promise of portable documents for the Open Web Platform by making EPUB 3 happen. Stay tuned for announcements soon of new IDPF initiatives to further that adoption.

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