IDPF Announces Open Nominations for Board of Directors

May 19, 2016

Nominations are now open for eight seats on the IDPF Board of Directors. The IDPF Board (fourteen members including the President) is elected by the members to manage the organization’s business and affairs. This includes developing the vision and strategic plan and providing oversight and direction to staff and volunteers carrying out the work. Directors serve two-year terms. At least one new Director will be elected, as one seat in this class is vacant. Self-nominations are due by May 31, 2016 5:00pm U.S. ET and are open to anyone who is or becomes an IDPF member organization's Primary Representative. Please email your intention to run together with a self-nomination statement to


Being a board member of the IDPF is a significant commitment. The Board and executive staff currently meet monthly via teleconference, and usually twice a year in a face-to-face meeting, along with additional collaboration as needed. Board time and expenses are not reimbursed. Prospective members should be leaders in their organizations and have a clear understanding of one or more segments of the digital publishing industry. Familiarity with EPUB and related technologies is helpful; however specific technical expertise is not required. Board meetings are conducted in English with accommodations for non-native English speakers. Remote meetings are scheduled to facilitate participation across multiple time zones.


As recently announced, the IDPF and the W3C are exploring a potential combination and are in the process of soliciting member feedback. The timing of this election was adjusted to support members’ and candidates’ informed participation in this process, and the Board Nominating Committee (optional in our bylaws but used in 2014 and 2015) will be inactive during this cycle.


The expectation is that a final decision to approve any combination would be by member vote, to be called for by the Board if deemed appropriate after further communication, feedback, and consideration. The Board’s decision whether to call for such a vote will be made after a period of communication (expected to continue at least through mid-July) thus after newly elected board members are seated. Candidates should therefore be prepared to be actively involved in the process, and candidates are urged to begin that process now by participating in the information sharing and outreach that the IDPF Board and leadership are engaging in with members.


Self-nomination statements will be published to the IDPF website upon receipt. Candidates will have the option to modify their statements at any time until the conclusion of the election process. The Board election will be open from June 1 through June 17, 2016.


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