IDPF Begins Member Vote To Approve Combination With W3C

October 14, 2016

Voting on a proposed “combination” of the IDPF with the World Wide Web consortium (W3C) by IDPF members is underway. On October 13, 2016 IDPF Board of Directors approved the proposed plan for submission to the members, with a recommendation that members vote to approve. The transactions would be expected to be completed by early 2017 (subject to the member vote as well as to final approvals by IDPF Board and the W3C Director).

 All IDPF member organizations in good standing are entitled to vote in this election via their designated Primary Representative. Voting will be open through November 4, 2016.

 “We believe that the proposed combination of IDPF with W3C represents the best path forward to pursue our chosen mission to foster an open accessible digital publishing ecosystem by promoting adoption of EPUB and advancing the Open Web Platform across all fields of publishing” said IDPF Executive Director Bill McCoy. “We are excited about the prospect of giving our members a unique opportunity to be part of an expanded publishing engagement in W3C, as Web technologies are clearly the universal enabling platform for content creators and distributors of all kinds.”

Since the announcement six months ago that IDPF and W3C were exploring combining, IDPF has engaged in a variety of information sharing and outreach efforts with its members and the industry. Significant feedback was received which has been addressed in the specifics of the transaction documents that have been provided to IDPF members.

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