IDPF EPUB 3 Awarded Best Technology Innovation at FutureBook

December 5, 2012

At the FutureBook Innovation Awards, held as part of this week's FutureBook Conference in London, IDPF was the winner in the category of best technology innovation, for EPUB 3.  Mark Bide, EDItEUR and newly elected IDPF Board member, accepted the award on behalf of IDPF. Mark Marjurey, commercial director, digital at Taylor & Francis said: “Over the last ten years publishers have been beset by the challenges of developing e-book content fragmented across various proprietary formats and devices. EPUB 3 finally delivers us an open standard with which we can foster interactivity, enhanced content, full accessibility for the visually impaired, and begin to tackle the vagaries of device incompatibility. From authors to publishers to readers, this is something we can all get behind." Full article on futurebook.net .

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