Members Unanimously Approve EPUB 3.1 as an IDPF Recommended Specification

January 5, 2017
The IDPF Membership has unanimously approved EPUB 3.1 as a Recommended Specification, by a vote of 72 YES to zero NO votes. 73 members voted (including one abstention) representing 54% of the members in good standing. significantly above the 25% quorum requirement.
The EPUB 3.1 project began in October of 2015, with a goal of simplifying the specification and better aligning with the Open Web Platform. EPUB 3.1 is a significant update but includes no significant new features: it addresses many errata and other minor issues, reflects updates to HTML5 and other Web specifications since the finalization of EPUB 3.0.1 in June, 2014. and adds specificity to accessibility requirements. Additonally, the EPUB specification has been significantly reorganized, with  general conformance requirements now a separate document that also serves as the main "entry point" to the EPUB specification.

The EPUB 3.1 revision also introduces a new accessibility specification and a non-normative accessibility  techniques document. Although developed as part of EPUB 3.1 and to provide guidance on making conforming EPUB publications accessible, these new documents are designed to be equally applicable to older versions of EPUB 3. 

The specification documents which comprise EPUB 3.1, now the current version of EPUB, are:

(EPUB Accessibility Techniques 1.0, a non-normative Informational Document, is not considered part of EPUB 3.1 per se)


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