New EPUB Proposed Specifications: Dictionaries and Glossaries, Previews, Multiple-Rendition Publications, Region-Based Navigation

December 18, 2014
The IDPF Board recently approved recommendations of the Dictionaries and Advanced-Hybrid Layout Working Groups to advance four modular extensions to EPUB 3.0.1 to Proposed Specification status. The four specifications are:
A member and public review and comment period for each of these specifications is open through January 31, 2015, simultaneous with a final member IP review according to IDPF Intellectual Property policies, after which the final step according to IDPF policies would be a member vote to approve as Recommended Specifications. IDPF members may submit comments on any of these specifications via the EPUB Working Group mailing list, and members and the public are welcome to submit comments to IDPF CTO Markus Gylling on behalf of the Working Group chairs at

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