Second Public Draft of EPUB 3 Specifications Published

May 6, 2011

The IDPF EPUB Working Group today published a second Public Draft of specifications for EPUB 3. This work-in-progress revision reflects feedback received during the Public and Member comment period that commenced with the publication of the first Public Draft on Feb 15, 2011, as well as other Working Group decisions, review and editorial improvements.

The EPUB 3 specifications are now essentially complete, and the focus of the Working Group is now primarily on editorial cleanup and bug fixes. Further improvements will be integrated in the coming weeks as the IDPF EPUB Working Group and Board moves towards the next milestone defined by the IDPF Policies & Procedures, which is to issue a Proposed Specification for formal evaluation by IDPF Members, including Intellectual Property review.  While the Working Group is no longer considering new feature requests for EPUB 3.0, member and public feedback on the latest draft is welcome (please use the Working Group Issue Tracker for this purpose).

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