Update on EPUB Lightweight Copy Protection Activity

September 13, 2012

IDPF received 8 responses to its recent request for proposals for solutions to potential requirements for standardizing a lightweight copy protection technology for EPUB. Specific proposals were received from DRMinside, FileOpen Systems, Kobo, Marlin Developer Community, RHK, and Sony DADC. As well two additional respondents, Barnes & Noble and Sony Digital Reading Business Division, provided feedback and indicated potential interest in contributing to standardized technology in this area, without making specific solution proposals. IDPF and its expert consultant are following up with respondents to help us evaluate proposals received to date and determine specific steps relative to potentially extending EPUB in this area.  The IDPF expects to consider during this phase of the evaluation process any additional responses received; i.e., the original RFP deadline can be considered extended until September 27, 2012.


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