Updates on IDPF Open Meeting Jan 18 and IDPF Member Discount to DBW

January 16, 2017

The Open Meeting about the combination of IDPF with W3C is set for this Wednesday, January 18 from 12:30pm until 2:00pm US Eastern Time. Meeting space has provided courtesy of the Digital Book World 2017 Conference (DBW 2017) taking place January 17-19 at the NYC Hilton Midtown. A few seats to DBW are still available, - register using code IDPF17 to receive an IDPF members discount.

Although a DBW conference pass is not required to attend the IDPF meeting, DBW will include dozens of timely and relevant sessions, with speakers including IDPF President George Kerscher and several other IDPF Board members.

Registration for online (webinar) attendance to the IDPF meeting is also availableThis is an open meeting, not just for IDPF members. But we have a lot to cover so we will ask attendees *(both in-person and remote) to hold questions and comments until the open mike time. The final portion of our meeting will be devoted to open mike time. Remote attendees, you will be muted by default, please "raise your hand" by typing "q+" into the webinar chat, and if feasible please type your question/comment as well, in case of  A/V issues. A moderator will be monitoring the chat and will relay questions/comments in orders.

For in-person attendees, please be considerate of the fact that conference sessions in the same room will be ending at (scheduled) 12:30pm and starting again at 2:00pm. So please take a seat and be prepared to leave the room promptly unless you are a DBW passholder planning to attend the session following. For DBW passholders only, box lunches will be available directly outside our meeting room (the main plenary room for DBW).  

We expect to get the meeting kicked off by 12:35pm and end by 1:50pm, in order to allow some buffer for the adjacent DBW sessions. Remote attendees, please bear with us as we will need to flex to any delays that may occur with DBW sessions.


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