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**IDPF DIGITAL BOOK 2013 is a WRAP - a big "thank you" to all speakers and sponsors. Presentations have been uploaded where provided and approved by speakers - see speaker listing for links. Save the date for next year: May 28-29, 2014 **

Wednesday, May 29


Registration and Continental Breakfast (Special Events Hall)




The Evolving Digital Book: 4 Visionary Perspectives  

  • Electric Incunabula - Corey Pressman
  • Book As Algorithm - Richard Nash
  • Book As URL - Hugh McGuire
  • Disruptive Publishing - Craig Mod

Corey Pressman (Exprima Media), Richard Nash (Small Demons), Hugh McGuire (PressBooks), Craig Mod (Writer/Designer)


Digital Publishing in Transition: Steering a Course in the Middle of a Storm

In this conversation between Chantal Restivo-Alessi of HarperCollins and paidcontent/GigaOM's Laura Hazard Owen, we'll hear the state of digital publishing and expectations for the next stages of digital book adoption.

Chantal Restivo-Alessi (CDO, HarperCollins), Laura Hazard Owen (paidContent/GigaOM)

Networking Break (Special Events Hall)


 The Open Web Platform and Digital Publishing (Special Events Hall)

  • The Future of the Open Web Platform - Jeff Jaffe
  • Accelerating eBook Discovery and Reader Engagement with HTML5 - Steve Potash
  • Migrating to EPUB 3 and HTML 5 - John Wheeler

The Web is becoming the universal platform for content and app experiences.Three keynotes cover different aspects of the Open Web Platform, EPUB 3, and HTML5.

Jeff Jaffe (World Wide Web Consortium), John Wheeler (SPi Global), Steve Potash (OverDrive Inc.)

What Authors Want: Tracking the Hybrid Author 

Writers Digest community leader Phil Sexton will reveal exclusive results from an all new deep-dive survey into the wants, needs and plans of hybrid authors -- those who have both published with a traditional publisher and self-published books. These authors compared to all others make the most money, have the biggest marketing platforms and have the savviest opinions about the publishing industry. As a matter of background, Sexton will also discuss the results from an earlier survey of all authors that show just how advanced hybrid authors are. 

Phil Sexton (Writer's Digest)

 Otis Chandler Shares an Update on Goodreads  

Otis Y. Chandler (Goodreads)


Networking Lunch (Special Events Hall)

Business & Marketing Track (Special Events Hall)

Reader Engagement

Three leading book-biz marketers will discuss how and why authors and publishers should engage more deeply with readers. Anne Kubek (INscribe) will focus on outbound marketing and social engagement. Kristen McLean (Bookigee) will cover inbound “customer anthropology" and Allen Lau (Wattpad) will share his vision for facilitating true, organic connections between readers and writers.

Anne Kubek (INscribe Digital), Kristen McLean (Bookigee), Allen Lau (Wattpad)
Technology & Production Track (1E10)

Applying Interactive Design Best Practices to Next Generation eBooks

Just shoving the print page onto a digital screen isn't the answer to delivering compelling digital reading experiences. Particularly with illustrated fixed-page titles, designers need to think about how readers use digital, what they expect from digital and how they can take advantage of things they can't do in print. This talk will showcase real-word examples of good and bad design elements and cover best practices for cooking, how-to, and other high-design segments of eBooks, focusing on how to achieve good results that work across devices and platforms.

Liisa McCloy-Kelley (Random House)

Education & Professional Track (1E13)

From Textbooks to Learning Platforms: Implications for Education Publishers

e-Textbooks are evolving into, and converging with, online learning platforms. Hear from two top education publishing and blended learning experts on the growing transition to interactive learning in higher education and K-12 and the technology, operational, and organizational innovations needed to improve student achievement.

Ken Brooks (Cengage Learning)
Rebecca Tomasini (The Alvo Institute)
Business & Marketing Track (Special Events Hall)

Panel: What Authors Want: Hybrid Author Deep Dive

In this discussion, we will talk to two prominent hybrid authors about their position in the industry, self-publishing, publishers and the next phase of author evolution. We will also analyze the results of a recent Digital Book World and Writer's Digest survey of hybrid authors. 

Sylvia Day (Bestselling Hybrid Author), Jennifer L. Armentrout (Bestselling Hybrid Author), Hugh Howey (Author), Jeremy Greenfield, moderator (Digital Book World)
Technology & Production Track (1E10)

EPUB 3 Now!

Noted EPUB expert and author Liz Castro will show how to create content that takes advantage of all the features that the latest platforms have to offer… while avoiding the pitfalls and inconsistencies.

Liz Castro (Author)
Education and Professional Track (1E13)

K-12 Content and Adapting to Learners and Early Readers

This session discusses the issues and opportunities in children's content and early learners with an overview of the new Core Curriculum standards and how publishers can be prepared.

Evan St. Lifer (Scholastic), Daniel Fountenberry (Borne Digital), Marc Aronson, Ph.D. (Author, Core Curriculum Lecturer)


Networking Break (Special Events Hall)


Malcolm Gladwell on the Future of Digital Publishing 

In this exclusive one-on-one interview Malcolm Gladwell, bestselling author and staff writer for The New Yorker, shares his thoughts and vision on the future of digital publishing. The interview will be conducted by Brad Stone, author of upcoming The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon and senior writer at Bloomberg Businessweek.

Malcolm Gladwell (The New Yorker), Brad Stone (Author; Senior Writer, Bloomberg Businessweek)

Disrupting Children’s Pictures Books: Connecting Artists, Writers, and Readers in the Cloud  

In just over two years Storybird has emerged with 2 million members who have written 6 million stories—80 times the output of the combined children’s and YA market. In this presentation, CEO Mark Ury shares the decisions, happy accidents, and intuitive leaps they made as they built Storybird from concept to company and explains how they approached their core experience, demographic, business model, and the technology to power the service. Most importantly, he’ll raffle off a box of Vosges chocolate truffles before his 20 minutes is up.

Mark Ury (Storybird)

Enhanced/Illustrated Books: Making it Work, Making it Scale  

Despite the rise of tablets, publishers have been struggling to sell highly-designed and illustrated titles in digital form, and are challenged by determining which enhancements add meaningful value for readers and will generate positive ROI. Hear from an innovative independent book publisher about how they are breaking past the text-only barrier and delivering enhanced/illustrated eBooks that work for readers and make economic sense to produce.

Dominique Raccah (SourceBooks)

EPUB and HTML5 Explained in 20 Minutes or Less  

Bob Oeste is well-known for a remarkably lucid and entertaining explanation of XML. Enjoy a not-to-be-missed world premiere performance as Bob ups his techno-comedic game to a whole new level by tackling EPUB and HTML5.

Dr. Bob Oeste, Sr. (The Johns Hopkins University Press)

Closing Remarks 

Bill McCoy (Executive Director, IDPF)

Mixer & Booth Stroll/Solution Provider Showcase - Lightning Demos and More  


Evident Point / Active Textbook
Gutenberg Technology
IGS-CP/Neolibris (Winner, Solutions Showcase - IDPF Conference, Salon du Livre 2013)

Thursday, May 30


Continental Breakfast (Outside 1E07)

Business & Marketing Track (1E08)

When is a Sale Not a Sale? Selling vs. Licensing Digital Content


When you buy a book, you can resell it, lend it, or give it away.  With eBooks, it’s unclear whether the same rights apply – whether the buyer gets rights under copyright law or under whatever license terms the retailer offers.  As more and more people read digitally, the sale vs. license dichotomy becomes more important – and more controversial, with profound implications for everyone involved in publishing.  We’ll discuss what resale, sharing, gifting, and library lending will look like in a world where eBooks predominate.

Bill Rosenblatt (GiantSteps Media), Paul Aiken (Authors Guild), John Ossenmacher (ReDigi), Joe Wikert (Industry Consultant)
Technology & Production Track (1E07)

Creating eBooks: Styling & Fonts

As eBooks evolve beyond plain text, styling and typography are critical to delivering richer reading experiences. Hear from two category-leading providers about the overall considerations for styling and fonts for eBooks, and about the newest tools for content creators.

Chris Kitchener (Adobe), Steve Matteson (Monotype)
Education and Professional Track (1E09)

Best Practices for structuring Content and integrating e-learning and e-textbooks

Education publishers and e-Learning system providers utilize various standards: Common Cartridge, QTI Assessments, EPUB, and HTML5. These worlds are fast converging and this session will cover how education publishers can evolve towards an integrated content architecture with best practices, enabling e-Textbooks and other learning materials to be dynamically and seamlessly provided to individual learners.

Kent Freeman (VitalSource), John Prabhu (SPi Global), Paul Belfanti (Pearson)
9:50 -10:35
Business & Marketing Track (1E08)

Made In Japan: eBooks and eManga adoption insights

eBooks and eManga are taking off in Japan, and Japanese e-Content is growing. Hear about the latest trends from a pioneer of interactive multimedia and an influential innovator in global manga publishing.

Masaaki Hagino (Voyager Japan), Yohei Sadoshima (Cork, Inc.), Daihei Shiohama (
Technology & Production Track (1E07)

In-Sourcing vs. Outsourcing of eBook Conversion and Production: Solutions, Practical Considerations and Publisher Experiences

In this session leading publishers will share their experiences with in-sourcing vs. outsourcing their eBook production, focusing on practical considerations: internal resources, technology solutions, production workflow, capacity, quality, cost, fixed-layout vs. reflow.

Sanj Kharbanda (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), Samantha Cohen (Simon & Schuster), Nicole Passage (Open Road Media), Pip Tannenbaum (Parragon), Clynton Hunt, Moderator, (ZOO Digital)
Education and Professional Track (1E09)

Inclusive Publishing for Learning and Professional Content

Accessibility is critical for all readers but education is a fundamental right. It's critical for publishers of e-textbooks, academic, and professional content to understand why and how to deliver highly accessible content and experiences.

George Kerscher (DAISY), Robin Seaman (Benetech), Eve Hill (Department of Justice)

Networking Break (Outside 1E07)

Business & Marketing Track (1E08)

Reading Systems Adding Value vs. Content Becoming Enhanced

There's a natural tug-of-war between publishers, who want enhanced and customized presentation of specific titles, and reading systems , who want to deliver enhanced experiences that work consistently across multiple titles. And users of course have their own needs and preferences. As titles are increasingly enhanced, how will reading systems differentiate and add value? What will be the drivers of product and content success?

Micah Bowers (Bluefire), Roger Webster (B&N), Steve Vinter (Google), Matt MacInnis (Inkling)
Technology & Production Track (1E07)

Engineering Next-Generation Publishing Workflows

Learn how technical publisher O'Reilly Media has solved the challenges of implementing a single-source workflow by taking advantage of modern open source software development tools to create a new authoring platform for print and ebook creation. Topics covered will include optimal authoring document formats, version control, automated eBook generation, and developing digital-first content with HTML5 technology.

Sanders Kleinfeld (O’Reilly)
Education and Professional Track (1E09)

The Reinvented Classroom

A leading print textbook publisher successfully evolves into a digital learning platform solution developer, leveraging open source and open standards. At the same time, a new education publisher builds the first digitally organic curriculum and radically re-imagines what the reading experience is for students in school and out. 

Gus Vibal (Vibal Publishing Group), Diana Rhoten (Amplify)
Business & Marketing Track (1E08)

Data to Die For: Dynamic Pricing and Sales

The rapidly changing eBook market has created both angst and
opportunities when it comes to pricing. Michael Tamblyn of Kobo and Josh Schanker of BookBub will share exclusive eBook sales data and ideas to help everyone from publishing executives to independent authors develop dynamic pricing strategies that work for their titles.

Michael Tamblyn (Kobo), Josh Schanker (BookBub)
Technology & Production Track (1E07)

EPUB 3, HTML5 and More: What’s Next for the Open Web Platform?

This session will discuss upcoming developments in EPUB including HTML5 and the other underlying Web technologies on which it's built. Both new features and open source efforts including will be covered.

Markus Gylling (IDPF), Bill Kasdorf (Apex CoVantage)
Education & Professional Track (1E09)

Professional and Scholarly Publishing Today – Balancing Digital Innovation with Professional Goals

Professional and scholarly publishing has adapted to the digital realm rapidly, and new ideas about how it can innovate further are being actively pursued – from open access to e-books to MOOCs. This overview will detail some of the innovations, what constraints they may face among professionals and scholars, and provide a broad view of the field, combining the latest developments with historical and practical perspectives.

Kent Anderson (Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery)

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