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I've loaded an epub file into Readium. This epub file consists of some slides with video. All the videos are in MP4 format.

However, realized that some of the videos can't be loaded on Readium while others can. Those error slides shown no issue when running on Chorme.

Any reason behind? Why those mp4 video can't be loaded on Readium?


The most likely reason is the videos that don't work are encoded in VP8

This is a format supported only by Google. It is not supported in the generic Webkit. You don't say which version of Readium. Is this in the Chrome Extension? If so, then it should work and the problem is elsewhere.

If you wish to or can share the document we could take a look. If the file is not encrypted you can unzip the contents and look at the package.opf (the usual name, but it will end in OPF) the videos will be listed in the manifest along with their formats.


I've tried reconverting those problem mp4 files and most of my epub issues are resolved. :)

However, there is one that always failed.
This epub has 9 slides with video. The weird part was upon first upload into Readium, some videos work while some failed. Upon second upload with the same epub, some of the previously working videos failed this round while some of the previously failed videos work now. I tried to upload third time, and the pattern changed again.
It is very inconsistent.

Any reason for that?



Needed help from the expert.

I had encountered the similar issue. Am using Readium in the Chrome Extension, the version is 2.13.4. The video seem to be 'corrupted' when import to Readium. Before import to Readium, the video is working perfectly fine. But after import to Readium, the video is 'corrupted'. By right click the video and save, the file size of video greatly different from the original.

The video is encoded in H.264 and the audio is encoded in AAC.

Is there something happen during the process of importing to Readium?



This sounds extremely strange. Ia it possible to share this EPUB with us? I am AFAIK, we have never seen such erratic behaviour. Are the videos extremely large? Video is basically passed to the Chrome engine for display. Readium per se doesn't really do anything with the video except fetch the video from the EPUB then pass it to the WebKit engine

keroro867, This is very strange. Are you saying that after viewing the video in the Chrome Extension, the EPUB itself is ALTERED? Or by right-click and save you're saying what is loaded into "Readium" (actually the webkit engine is corrupted. That is far more likely. I'm also confused by the "before import into Readium". Do you mean you tried the EPUB in iBooks or some other viewer and it was fine. Then tried to view it in Readium and afterward it wouldn't play in this other viewer? Can you provide more details and/or the EPUB?

Can you share this EPUB with us? I am

Hi rkwright,

Maybe I explain it further. The html content contain a video. When I open the html file solely in Chrome browser, it work perfectly fine. But when load the ePUB into Readium, the video on that page not loading. When right click download the video, the size is smaller than the actual file. I do encounter the same issue for JPEG image.

Will like to share the content but unable to due to certain factor.

keroro87 -- I have the same problem you are currently encountering. Some of my videos won't play while some will. WHen I right click and download the video to the screen the video is corrupt but a different file size than the original. Were you able to work it out? Please let me know as I'm in a bind here.


You can tried out the following workaround:
Workaround 1
Reconvert the video to MP4 using free conversion tool like DivX Converter.

Workaround 2
Unzip your ePUB and add to Readium library using unpacked directory by choosing the source folder of the unzipped ePUB.

If you can post the EPUB that fails to some place where we can get it, we can take a look. Also please provide as much detail as possible. Please read this post:

This is happening to me exactly in the same way.

I can open the MP4 video clip in a Chrome tab. But once the EPUB is processed by Readium, some videos they just don't play, and if I open them in a separate tab from within Readium, they appear as a black broken video.

And these clips have nothing special from the rest, same size, same codec, same everthing, just different content and filename (with no strange characters on it).

Again, this is rather strange as we don't really do anything except pass the video to Chrome. Can you share the EPUB (e.g. via Dropbox). Or contact me directly at Thanks

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